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Bow Soccer Club

Fall 2018 Tryouts will be be located at Fieldhouse Sports
12 Tallwood Drive Bow, NH


Players are required to attend one tryout but two is highly recommended.

Day 1- Monday 5/21
Birth YearDayTimeField
2011Monday 5/215-6:30Main
2010Monday 5/215-6:30Annex
2009Monday 5/215-6:30West
2008Monday 5/216:30-8West
2007Monday 5/216:30-8Annex
2005 & 2006Monday 5/216:30-8Main
Day 2- Tuesday 5/22
Birth YearDayTimeField
2011Tuesday 5/225-6:30Main
2010Tuesday 5/225-6:30Annex
2009Tuesday 5/225-6:30West
2008Tuesday 5/226:30-8West
2007Tuesday 5/226:30-8Annex
2005 & 2006Tuesday 5/226:30-8Main
Day 1- Wednesday 5/23
Birth YearDayTimeField
2011Wednesday 5/235-6:30Main
2010Wednesday 5/235-6:30Annex
2009Wednesday 5/235-6:30West
2008Wednesday 5/236:30-8West
2007Wednesday 5/236:30-8Annex
2005 & 2006Wednesday 5/236:30-8Main
Day 2- Thursday 5/24
Birth YearDayTimeField
2011Thursday 5/245-6:30Main
2010Thursday 5/245-6:30Annex
2009Thursday 5/245-6:30West
2008Thursday 5/246:30-8West
2007Thursday 5/246:30-8Annex
2005 & 2006Thursday 5/246:30-8Main

2018 Fall Tryout Schedule!

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Caramba Soccer Skills Camp

Jorge Pardo will be running the Caramba Soccer Camp July 23-27 at St. Paul's School and August 6-9 at the Centerpoint Fields in Concord. 
Please click here for more details.

Age and Standards Charts

Standards Chart


There has been many questions about the upcoming changes to the soccer team placements and ages.  Please click New Hampshire Soccer League or US Soccer to help answer these questions.