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Bow Soccer Club

2015 Board Members

Chris Leonard- President  

TBD - Vice President

Tom Hoey- Registrar 

Patty Wachsmuth- Treasurer 

Elizabeth Duncan- Secretary 

Rob Dolder- Equipment 

Mike Berrigan- Scheduling 

Jaime Smith - Media 

Joe Evans - At large member 

Jessica Allison - At large member 

2017 Fall Tryout Schedule!

Now published here

Coaches Certifications

Hi Coaches - we need to make sure all coaches and assistants are certified appropriately.  You will receive an email showing necessary credentials and how to obtain.  Please complete as soon as possible. 

New Charts

Standards Chart


There has been many questions about the upcoming changes to the soccer team placements and ages.  Please click New Hampshire Soccer League or US Soccer to help answer these questions.